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Alli Savery

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Mobile: 07797 740 441
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I am a CIMI.Certified Infant Massage Instructor with the International Association of Infant Massage/The IAIM.
Also a Massage Therapist, a Doula and member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists and a Reiki Practitioner.
My background is in teaching, but these days my passion is working with mums-to-be, new mums and their babies.
I did baby massage with my own children when they were babies. It was a lovely bonding activity to do with them and helped me feel closer to my twin boys. It helped with general relaxation for both my babies and I. As well as helping with relief from colic, constipation and sleep.
Having seen the benefits with my 3 children first hand, it inspired me to train as an Infant Massage Instructor myself.


All parents are welcome along with their babies. The course is ideally suited to babies from 4+ weeks to pre crawling, however mothers are welcome with their babies from birth.
Courses are totally baby led in an friendly environment where parents feel comfortable to tend to their baby's needs
*You learn to massage a different part of your baby's body each week and we recap what we've done each week. You also learn about your baby's cues and the importance of asking your baby for permission before commencing massage with your baby.
* Over the 5 week course, you learn full body massage, a shortened body routine and a routine to help with colic, wind and constipation.
*Massage can also help with general relaxation, sleep and teething.
*I demonstrate on a massage doll and only you massage your baby.
* There is time for questions, to talk about what is happening for you and your baby and a chance to share experiences with other parents.
detailed handouts to take home
complementary bottle of organic massage oil
refreshments: tea and homemade cake
parking in the drive immediately outside


Contact me for further information / book your place on a course:

Phone: 07797740441

Email me: [email protected]

BABY MASSAGE CLASSES - Dates, Times and Venues


St Saviour, JERSEY. JE2 7TN
Classes start - Thursday 8th April 10.30-12pm 2021
Learn baby massage and share special bonding time with your baby. Can help with general relaxation, colic, wind, constipation and sleep.. This course helps you understand more about your baby's cues. Also make new friends as you talk about all things baby over tea and homemade cake.
Price includes: handouts, organic massage oil to take away and refreshments.
Based in St Saviour and parking immediately outside
  Cost: £75/70 with a friend
St Saviour, JERSEY . JE2 7TN
Course starts: Tuesday 13th April 10.30-12pm
IAIM courses runs over 5 sessions. Spend bonding time learning to massage your baby as I demonstrate on a massage doll. We learn a different part of the body each time as you learn more about your baby's cues. Baby massage aids relaxation for both baby and mum, and can help relieve colic, costipation & wind. Relaxed fun environment and a chance to talk to other mums over a cuppa.
  Cost: £70/66 with a friend
St Saviour , JERSEY. JE2 7TN
Online courses - start January/February 2021
ONLINE via ZOOM - IAIM baby massage course - takes place over 5 online sessions as I demonstrate strokes on my massage doll and you learning to massage a different part of your baby each week. So much more that just massage, learn about your baby's cues. Also a chance to connect with other parents.
Included: handouts to take away and instruction on organic massage oil.
  Cost: £
St Saviour, JERSEY. JE2 7TN
Private groups available on request
A group of friends who would like to learn baby massage together?
Courses can be tailored to suit day and time requirements. Takes place over 5 sessions
Contact Alli for more details:
07797740441 / [email protected]
  Cost: £POA


JE2 7TN, Jersey
Flexible to suit you and your baby's needs over 4 sessions
1-2-1 Classes available in the comfort of your own home over 4 sessions adapted to you/your baby's needs
Included: handouts to take away, organic massage oil and ongoing support
  Cost: £POA



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