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Baby Massage Dorset

Below is list of IAIM Certified Infant Massage Instructors who currently hold classes in Dorset.

For further information click on the "details" link next to the instructor's name.

Class Type Location Name  
Area Covered Beaminster, Dorset Tamara Dommett Details
Area Covered Bothenhampton, Bridport, Dorset Pennie Jones Details
Group Bournemouth, Dorset Carolyn Melvin Details
Group Bournemouth, Dorset Rebecca Cooper Details
Area Covered Bournemouth, Dorset Emma Lindell Details
Area Covered Christchurch, Dorset Lesley O'Brien Details
Area Covered Dorchester, Dorset Sharon Cox-Button Details
One to One Poole, Dorset Carolyn Melvin Details
Area Covered Poole, Dorset Pauline Yates Details
Group Poole, Dorset Pauline Yates Details
Area Covered Shaftesbury, Gillingham and surrounding area, Dorset Janice Carr Details
Area Covered Verwood, Alderholt, Dorset Emma Lindell Details



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