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Marlene Maldifassi

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Mobile: 07845807143
Email: [email protected]


Hello and welcome to my page.
My name is Marlene.
I am an Italo-Dominican community midwife.
I grew up in Italy, qualified as a midwife in Milan in November 2012 and came to London in June 2015.
I have been a qualified IAIM instructor since April 2015.
I am a positive and friendly person, extremely dedicated to supporting parents and their children.


I offer classes within your home in and around my local area: Tower Hamlets and Hackney, but I am also available to come to: City of London and South London (Southwark, Bermondsey, Canada Water, etc)
The courses I offer are for babies from 6 weeks to 1 year and take place over 5 weeks period.
I believe in all the amazing benefits that massage from birth provides, such as strengthening the bond between parent and child, calming and helping children to sleep, relieving wind and colic and generally assisting with healthy development.
The massage routine is made up of Indian-style massage, Swedish massage and some reflexology type movements.
Yoga style exercises are introduced at the end of the course, this helps to encourage development ready for crawling and strengthens their backs and aids coordination.


Please drop me an email on [email protected]
or send me a text on 0 78 45 80 71 43.
Dates and times will be arranged together.
During the week I am available in the evening only, after 5pm.

The courses I offer:
- 1 on 1 courses at the baby's home, 60P per each visit
(300P is the price of the full course).
Discounts are available for twins and groups.
The visit usually lasts for 1-1.5h

Available for group sessions

BABY MASSAGE CLASSES - Dates, Times and Venues


London, London
Whitechapel, Shadwell, Stepney Green
Aldgate, Spitalfields, Bethnal Green
Limehouse, Mile End
  Cost: £POA
London, London
Canary Wharf, Poplar
Isle of dogs
  Cost: £POA
London, London
Hackey, Homerton, etc
  Cost: £POA
London, London
Mile End, Bow
Victoria Park
Stratford, ect
  Cost: £POA
London, London
Bermondsey, Canada Water, ect
  Cost: £POA
London, London
Soutwark, Lambeth, etc
  Cost: £POA
London, London
City of London
  Cost: £POA



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